Frequently Asked Questions

One of our favorite things about this course is the #NoFilter approach. During the virtual course, you will witness all of the presenters in their own homes, in their most real, raw, and authentic selves. Plus, you get to join in from the comfort of your own home and know you’re doing something to better yourself and your career!

The unique format of this meeting avoids lengthy presentations by solo presenters. Instead, panels are intentionally constructed to cover specific topics in the medical spa industry from multiple, sometimes opposing points of view, to yield maximum education and attendee interaction.

When you join us in MedSpa Mastery you will be learning from leading experts in our field! When choosing who to invite into our faculty, we always consider who is at the top of their craft and who inspires us in the industry. During each panel of the course, you will hear candid conversations from between 4-6 key industry thought leaders including medical estheticians, nurse injectors, mid-level providers and surgeons.

Our courses are amazing for both current providers and those aspiring to enter into the medical spa industry. This includes estheticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, surgeons, and students from any of those categories. This would be a great course to add to a resume for those aspiring aesthetic providers. Each type of professional enters the industry with a different background, but all share common interests and goals. Many of these providers are also small business owners, responsible for the promotion and management of their business, a topic which we frequently touch on as well.

You will be automatically registered with the attendee email address you enter when you purchase the course.  Please make note of the email address used to register, as this will be required for viewing the live course and accessing the Video Gallery.

After purchase, attendees will receive an email containing their unique viewing link for access to the course panels.  You may use the same link to access both days of the course. The email will come directly from our MedSpa Mastery Zoom account.  Please check your spam folder before contacting us about not receiving your email. To access the panels after the course, you must have a customer account. If you do not have one, you will receive an email asking you to create an account after registering for the course.

If you are purchasing 2 admissions, provide both names and email addresses in the fields provided. Both attendees will receive emails containing the link to the live course panel. Also, both attendees must have customer accounts created to view the panels after the course. If either attendee does not have a customer account, after registering for the course, an email will be sent asking to create an account.

Yes! The panels from our live virtual sessions are recorded and uploaded into our Past Courses Video Gallery, allowing attendees to review any course content they may have missed. Due to our agreements with the course faculty, the Video Gallery will only be available for one month following the live course.

In order to access the Video Gallery, attendees are required to create and be logged in to a customer account. To login in or to create an account, click here. If you are having trouble accessing the Video Gallery, you may contact our support team at

Due to our agreements with the course faculty, past courses within the Video Gallery will only be available for one month following the live course.

Due to the off-label approach of our courses, there are no CE/CME credits available. Following the course, you may receive a Certificate of Completion and you are welcome to list this course on your resume! The central concept of our courses are that the panels are spontaneous and truly have no filter. Because there is no industry sponsorship and no CE/CME credit rules to follow, panelists are free to name products and devices by brand name and discuss off-label use in-depth. They are also allowed to discuss advanced, personal approaches that are not consistent with package labeling. Electing against CE/CME credits also allows us to keep the cost of our courses affordable for all. Course feedback from previous rounds has been uniformly positive, with glowing reviews!